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Publishing Comics circa 1998– Best laid plans and all that…

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I talked to Diamond yesterday. Had a great response. They are sending me a new  solicitation kit ASAP which I need for putting together a calendar.

I took copious notes, but the best thing I learned that I really didn’t already know is that  Diamond has a list of Top 500/Top 1000 indy-friendly retailers. For 15-cents a bundle,  we can send packs of ashcans to these fine folks. They’ll be mixed in with the new books,  but that’s when the customers come in…

That’s only $150 (plus printing) to put 10,000 ashcans in the hands of indy retailers and  their independent customers. Holy cow! There might be a little “computer time” for  database crunching for DCD at $30/hour - but STILL.

For you to Priority Mail your Top 100 would cost $300. I would probably say do both.

* Action figures are more do-able than you think. Let’s get a book or two out, but I know  this guy, see…

* I think we need to be able to tell retailers who our audiences are for these books. In the  ashcan pack we can suggest “Put this in the hands of fans of X-Files, James Bond, Twin  Peaks, etc.” for Gunner. Can you name five books that you think would “map” to AiT?

* I would also like to do focus groups with photocopies to these groups to see how they  like the books and look for input on content, marketing, etc.

* How many retailers does Cold Cut have? Would they do a mail-out of our books  before soliciting them through Diamond if we got them copies ASAPrinted for  immediate re-orders?

* Could you see a crossover? I see Moonraker with a cool secret agent.

* When the hell am I going to see some of your drawn pages? NOW!!!!

* More FYI: 1-800-Postcard had a $250 for 5000 color postcards special. We also  have an 1-800 number, an on-line web-commerce site, a credit card account and a  shipping department at our disposal. Not *that* big a deal, but we’re ready for mail order  customers.

* I also talked with a guy at Desert Moon who does returnable magazine distribution  about doing our books.

* When you say complete do you mean film as well? Can you help us do our film &  colorseps? What about Quebecor for ashcans? I’d love a glossy paper b&w ashcan  (Like Batman Black & White). Ummmm…

* Are you still thinking of toning AIT with zip-a-tone?

* Also, what about having a real astronaut write each issue’s introduction?

What we need to do next is outline our general expectations… E is taking a “week off”  after 5 years of school and think we’ll have a general time line pretty soon.

I’d like to have an a la carte (?) publishing plan to where you can choose to participate or  not in various promotional ventures. I want to do as much PR and marketing as possible,  but I don’t want to mess up anyone’s profitability by over-advertising. I want to do a  full-page Previews ad and eventually some in Wizard. No, really!

I would like to have everything spelled out to where we would all know what was  expected of each other way up front. Your friendship is more important to me than any  “deal.”

Looking forward to doing some bidness,



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