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Last week *sucked.*

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Wow. Other than “Right on!, Daddy-O” I would only add that the 70% of our sales are COMIC pre-orderĀ  sales, not pre-order Magic, Anime, Warhammer, nor Beanie Baby, but I guess that could be inferred from the rest of your letter.

Why risk my capital on the thousand cuts when the window of opportunity is so freakin’ small? In the two markets where we have virtual monopolies I rack less than I do in the other two competitive markets because I can…

In our stores, managers are really encouraged to get customers to subscribe to titles that they want to get every month. We have really considered going to pre-order only on most comic titles and taking the “rack” budget and putting it into trades and other product lines.. While this is not good for us or the industry in the long haul because of reduced flip-through, it means that there will still be comic stores in rural Mississippi.

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