Saturday, March 8th, 2008...11:27 pm

Feedback from Retailer Bob on Small Press Comics promo idea #49

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Truth be told, the 10 Full Color Wizard ads would be most effective.

Actually, the ashcan idea is perfect, so long as we receive a dozen or so.. i.e. enough to give out.  So often we receive a single ashcan, which helps me decide if “T think” i can sell it, but really doesn’t allow my customers a chance to check it out.  If I get enough to give one to any “likely suspects” for them to puruse at their leisure, I’m much more likely to get a firm purchase commitment from a few, which allows me to buy a couple for the rack with some confidence that somebody will actually like it and buy it.

Bottom line is without something tangible to show my customers that doesn’t cost me anything, I’m probably better off re-ordering one more Batman, so far as “likely to sell it” is concerned.  And I’m probably better off keeping that $1.25 in my pocket than re-ordering Batman.

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