Saturday, March 8th, 2008...11:25 pm

$60,000 on Wizard ads or cut a check to each retailer for $20?

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Thanks for your note. Your answer was exactly what I was fishing for. Instead of spending the $60,000 on Wizard ads (ha!) I would rather cut a check to each retailer for $20. :)

I was thinking in bundles of 10 or so so people could give them to the customers they thought might sub-upĀ  for it. Like I said before, I’m assuming “Gun Dog Think” and no rack orders, so I’m going to really try to create subscribers for retailers…

I’m thinking a complete 16 page complete mini-story, maybe color cover / maybe self coverĀ  for the #0.

I’m really going to do some things to put the big pubs’ feet to the fire…

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  • We’re talking 15-cents a bundle for Diamond to send what would be the equivalent of 4 comics (weight-wise).

    Why are publishers not doing this? It’s almost like a way to guarantee sales.

    My Diamond vendor rep is my old customer service rep, and he said now was the worst time to be doing anything, unless you had action figures, and he said even those are waning.

    I told him we weren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this was my first mid-life crisis, and it was either this or put the band back together and I’m too fat for rock’n'roll… :)

    Thanks for the comment on the covers. You just saved me several hundred dollars.


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